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Exhibition introduction

  China hair products industry is a sunrise industry,which has a board potential for development and occupies a production leading position in the global hair products industry. CIHF has been focusing to serve the hair products industry for 11 years.It is a global well-known and authoritative hair products trading platform that comprehensively exhibits hair related products and technologies including hairdressing,wigs,hair maintenance,hair cultivation,hair ornament and so on. CIHF is a professional exhibition that sets the functions of trending, exchanging, trading as one, which gets the key support from commerce department of chinese government.
  • Hybrid modelling GALA Show

    Hybrid modelling GALA Show

    Hybrid modelling GALA Show This is the collision of ideas and art,this is the sublimation of heart and skill.The worlds leading hairdressing and hairstylist use their hands to build their own hair,wigs and hair accessories prefect combination.
  • China& Foreign Hair Product

    China& Foreign Hair Product

    ChinaHairProductsIndustryBrandSelection Withthehelpofexhibitionplatform,theinfluenceoforganizers,theauthoritymediasareintroducedintoselectteninfluentialenterprises,renownedbrands,outstandingleaderstostimulateindustryparticipationactivityandandenhancetheauthorityandleadingroleofexhibitionindustry.
  • 2016 the 1st China Hairdressing

    2016 the 1st China Hairdressing

    CrossBoundary,Fusion,Win-win2015the2ndSessionChinaHairSalonInnovativeOperationModelSummitForum Withthebackgroundofhigherandhigherhairsalonsoperatingcompetitionpressureandwigsdomesticsales,thedomesticmarketneedtobeopenedurgently.Whethertheycancooperateandfusetogetherwithacreativeoperatingmodeltoreachwin-winhasbeengivenaperfectanswerinthesummitforumoflastsession.Inreality,howshouldtheyunite,howtoreachwin-win?Hairdressingspecialists.well-knownhairsalonchainownersandwigbrandswilltalkagaintofindanans

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Focus on hair products industry for 10 years